Is your child struggling in school OR with their mental health?

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • FASD
  • Depression
  • Dyslexia
  • Anxiety

Are you..?

  • Scared that your child does not have access to the psychological and educational services they need?
  • Worried that your child will continue to struggle in school, affecting their future?
  • Searching for an answer that explains your child's struggles and provides a roadmap for helping them?

Comprehensive Psychological and Educational Services for Children

Assessment l Consultation l Coaching

We provide answers to all your questions regarding your child's mental health and learning difficulties through thorough assessments and expert consultations. Every child deserves an education that provides an opportunity to reach their potential. Our services are designed to support your child's unique needs and guide them toward success.

We offer assessment and treatment Solutions!

Every child deserves an education that provides an opportunity to reach their potential.

We understand the challenges and are here to help.

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  • Unaddressed challenges harm your child's well-being.
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Comprehensive assessment

  • Gain a clear understanding of your child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify specific areas where they need support.
  • Learn how to provide effective help and guidance.


Roadmap for your child

  • Our assessment findings inform targeted treatment recommendations.
  • Recommendations are shared with you and your child's school.



Our Proven Formula for Success

Strengths-based Approach
Comprehensive Assessments
Personalized Treatment Plans
A Truly Holistic Approach


What people say about us

"Danielle was so supportive during the whole process. Her explanations never felt too high level for us. With the understanding the information we were receiving was troubling, Danielle was thorough about how she came about that conclusion. Her demeanor and mannerisms over Zoom for our meetings were always professional. She assured us that if we had additional questions after processing the information she was happy to follow-up with us or answer an email. The entire experience made us feel at ease with something that was daunting and already upsetting, the IEP process. Having Danielle there felt less like us vs. them with the school, it was a more collaborative process with the new information."

Feedback from an Assessment client

"Thank you so much for your time, dedication and for making my daughter feel comfortable and cared for! From the beginning to end we had our questions answered and it was obvious that you were gathering information from multiple places to ensure that you had what you needed for the assessment. I’m so grateful to have this information so we can help my daughter get the support she needs!"

Feedback from an Assessment client

"Dr. Bylund was an ideal evaluator for my son. He is low-key so he put my son at ease. But he is kind, intelligent, professional, and knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator. He took his time with my son for the evaluation and with me in explaining his impressions. He made himself available to the school district and explained his findings in an expert but collegial manner. We had to wait a long time for our appointment but he was worth the wait. We could not have asked for a better doctor! We are so thankful we found him!"

Feedback from an Assessment client

"Very positive experience, our daughter felt good about doing the testing and she was comfortable during the whole process. The report was actionable, we got the conclusive information we need now to take action to help our daughter early, and we are now working to put it into practice.  Thank you!"

Feedback from an Assessment client

"SarahBeth was great and so knowledgeable!"

Feedback from an Assessment client
"100% of recent clients would recommend the Bylund Clinic to friends and family"

Feedback from an Assessment client
"The Initial Evaluation Done By The School District Did Not Accurately Reflect The Struggles My Daughter Faces Daily. SaraBeth's Report Was Very Comprehensive, And We Finally Felt Like Our Child Was Seen And Understood. Reading Through Each Page, We Felt That The Report Truly Represented Our Child. SaraBeth Attended My Daughter's IEP Meeting And Presented The Report In A Way That All Team Members Could Understand, And The District Accepted Her Findings. This Secured Special Education Services For My Daughter. She Also Recommended A Suitable Placement Where She Could Get The Support She Needs To Access Her Education, Which The District Ultimately Agreed To Fund. I Cannot Recommend The Bylund Clinic Highly Enough. It's Very Difficult To Talk About Such Intimate Details About Your Child, But They Made The Process As Easy As Possible And Showed Respect From Beginning To End. The Evaluation They Did Was Instrumental In Securing The Support She Needs, And Also In Highlighting Her Areas Of Strength. SaraBeth's Professionalism, Knowledge, And Passion For Children Is Truly Amazing. Thank You For Changing The Trajectory Of My Daughter's Future, The Bylund Clinic!"

 IEE Client of SaraBeth Bavin
"Having A Professional That Was Knowledgeable, Able To Explain The Evidence Derived From Thorough Assessments, And Be A Diplomatic And Yet Firm Voice Advocating At The IEP Meeting For What My Student Needed To Access Her Education Was Essential. It Really Encouraged The School Members On The IEP Team To Truly Understand, Responsibly Discuss And Make Informed And Appropriate Decisions To Support My Child's Educational Journey."

IEE Client of Danielle Morales


    Expert Team in Psychological and Educational Services for Children

    We understand your child’s struggles and are here to help. Our team consists of experts in neuropsychology, education, and mental health, having successfully assisted thousands of children and parents like you. 

    The Bylund Clinic specialists can guide you through the complex maze of psychological and educational services for children. With Bylund's support, parents gain a deeper understanding of their child's needs and the available student educational services.


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    Support Your Child’s Mental Health & Learning Difficulties

    Are you looking to help your struggling child? We understand and are here to support you because every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our comprehensive and accurate assessments identify your child's unique needs, provide prescriptive recommendations, and assist parents in accessing the necessary Psychological and Educational Services. Let us help you navigate this journey with empathy and expertise.

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